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Renting an Apartment

Q: What do I need to do to schedule moving into my apartment?

A: At least two weeks prior to your move in date, you need to do the following: 1. Contact our office during business hours to schedule a date and time to meet at your apartment for a check in. 2. If you pay for utilities, call National Grid @ 800-932-0301 to have the gas and/or electric service turned on. 3. Contact Time Warner Cable @ 315-634-6000 for cable and/or internet service or land line or contact Verizon for Fios Service. Time Warner may require you to have a letter from our office granting permission for service. Call our office two weeks prior to have this letter sent to you. 5. We highly recommend renters insurance prior to moving into the apartment. This is not only for theft, but any damage (i.e. fire, water...) that may occur. Renters insurance is available from any insurance agency or for students as a rider on your parent's policy.