Frequently Asked Questions

Below are listed our frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

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Renting an Apartment

Q: When would I sign a lease?

A: The lease is signed as soon as you know you want the apartment. Call our office to schedule an appointment and to complete paperwork. You would need the full security deposit and application fee and possibly last month's rent. All roommates need to sign the lease. We suggest you have at least an hour to read, ask questions and sign all forms at the lease signing.

Q: When are apartments available for viewing?

A: We are generally available to show apartments weekdays during business hours. Call our office at 315-445-1229 to schedule an appointment. Please make sure all potential renters are available at the same time.

Q: How do I keep the same apartment that I already occupy?

A: You must notify our office that you wish to renew, at which point, forms will be sent for you to sign and return to our office.

Q: How do I keep the same apartment, but have different roommates?

A: Notify our office that you wish to renew, but will have new roomates. You and your new roomates will then schedule an appointment to come into our office to complete the paperwork, including security deposits paid by any new roommates.

Q: What is needed at the time of the signing of the lease?

A: 1. All roommates must be present to sign the lease and fill out all paperwork. 2. A valid driver's license or similar proof of ID. 3. Your social security number. 4. The full security deposit (the rent plus fifty dollars) and application fee ($30.00)(cash, check, or money order). 5. Possibly the last month's rent. 6. Proof of income.